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The ‘Refundable Package’

UKAS’ role as the national accreditation body is to impartially verify a claim of conformity to an accreditation standard. Therefore, an application to UKAS for assessment and accreditation must only be made on the basis that the physiology service concerned is confident that it already conforms to the requirements set out in the IQIPS standard. It is then the responsibility of the service to provide evidence to demonstrate to UKAS how it meets the requirements.

The Refundable Package consists of several tools designed to provide pre-application support to physiology services who are considering making an applicant to UKAS.  These tools are intended to help those services to understand:

  • the requirements set out in the accreditation standard
  • what good evidence of conformity to the standard looks like
  • the details of the UKAS assessment and accreditation process and associated timelines
  • how much the service will have to pay UKAS to assess, grant and maintain accreditation

The tools available in the Refundable Package include:

  • direct access to a UKAS Assessment Manager to respond to queries
  • free places for two service representatives on a UKAS Preparation for Accreditation Workshop (held monthly at our offices in Staines, Middlesex)
  • membership to the IQIPS LinkedIn group
  • initial assessments fee estimate
  • access to the bespoke online gap analysis tool called Traffic Light Ready (TLR)

The package is refundable because for an annual fee of £500 + VAT, your services will automatically become a Registrant with full access to the above tools and will be entitled to a refund of the registration fee paid (i.e. £500 or the pro-rata amount depending on the month that the registration application is received) when you submit a formal application for UKAS assessment and accreditation. Following initial application subsequent annual registration fees will become due on 1 April.

For information, the normal one-off UKAS application for assessment and accreditation fee is £1,500 + VAT. 

If you wish to discuss the Refundable Package with a UKAS member of staff, please contact us at askiqips@ukas.com.

To register for the 'Refundable Package’ please complete the registration form and return by email or post to:


The Traffic Light Ready (TLR) Online Tool

The TLR online tool is an interactive tool designed to support organisations providing physiology services to complete a structured, comprehensive gap analysis against the IQIPS Standard in preparation for accreditation. Normally one tool will be issued to the identified IQIPS co-ordinator for the organisation.  The co-ordinator will then be able provide access to each discipline as necessary.

The tool consists of a questionnaire that will help to gauge each discipline’s current level of compliance with the IQIPS Standard. The organisation will have access to additional guidance and support through the online tool and contact with UKAS Assessment Managers. The organisation can record notes during completion of the questionnaire, which enables each discipline to highlight areas of conformity and best practice whilst building detailed action plans for areas that require further development. In addition, relevant policies and procedures to be cited as evidence can be uploaded to the tool prior to making a formal application for accreditation, thus saving time during initial assessment, extension to scope and or re-assessment applications.

The TLR online tool will calculate the ‘readiness score’ of an organisation based on the information that has been entered, and displays the result as a traffic light colour.


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