» Technical Policy Statements

Technical Policy Statements (TPS) are brief announcements on matters of technical policy. Organisations holding or seeking UKAS accreditation are required to comply with the relevant TPS publications.


Note: in the table below, Labs = Calibration/Testing Laboratories, PT = Proficiency Testing Producers, CB = Certification Bodies, VB = Verification Bodies, IB = Inspection Bodies, RM = Reference Material Producers

Reference Document Title

Operational Area(s)

TPS 25 Rolling Straight Edge - The Measurement of Surface Regularity of Road Pavement Surfaces - Calibration Requirements (Edition 5, March 2008)


TPS 37 Simplified Test Reports (Edition 4, November 2012)


TPS 38 The Implementation of EURAMET/cg-13 Calibration of Temperature Block Calibrators (Edition 4, August 2009)


TPS 41 UKAS Policy on Metrological Traceability (Edition 4, June 2014)

Labs, IB, PT, RM

TPS 47

UKAS Policy on Participation in Proficiency Testing Schemes

(Edition 3, November 2016)

Labs, IB

TPS 49 Interim Arrangements and guidance on the interpretation of IEC 61672 Sound Level Meters - Periodic Tests (Edition 2, June 2009)


TPS 50

UKAS Supervision of a verifier accredited in another EU Member State

(Edition 3, May 2015)


TPS 51 Accreditation of Multi-Site Laboratories (Edition 3, December 2015)


TPS 53

Management system requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2005 - statement for use on accreditation certificates and test/calibration reports/certificates

(Edition 1, September 2005)


TPS 54 UKAS Policy on Traceability of Calibration Gas Standards used in Stack Emission Monitoring (Edition 2, July 2010)


TPS 57 UKAS Policy on Selection and Use of Reference Materials (Edition 3, October 2016)


TPS 59 Implementation and Management of Flexible Scopes of Accreditation for the Commissioning of Site Laboratories (Edition 2, November 2013)


TPS 62 Management of Extraordinary Events or Circumstances Affecting UKAS accredited Certification Bodies and their Certified Organisations (Edition 2, August 2016)


TPS 63 UKAS Policy on Deviating Samples (Edition 1, June 2013)


TPS 65 UKAS Policy on Issuance of Accredited and Non-accredited Certificates by Accredited Certification Bodies (Edition 1, October 2016)


TPS 68 UKAS Policy on Accreditation of Infrequently Performed Conformity Assessment Activities (Edition 1, May 2017)