» Policy Advisory Forum

The Company's Articles of Association require the Directors to establish an advisory committee: "the purpose of which will be to ensure that the Directors are aware of the views of interested parties on policy issues affecting the Company's activities, including the development, interpretation and application of national, European and international Standards, guidelines, procedures, regulations, practices and agreements applicable to accreditation bodies and conformity assessment bodies."

The UKAS Policy Advisory Committee was therefore established in April 1996 comprising nominated representatives of recognised stakeholder organisations. The Policy Advisory Committee met three times a year from April 1996 to November 2010.

Following a review of the UKAS Policy Advisory Committee undertaken in 2009, it was decided to introduce a two-tier advisory structure in order to respond to the increasing number of stakeholders with an interest in contributing to UKAS’ policy formulation process.

An enlarged Policy Advisory Forum was therefore established in March 2011, supported by a smaller core group, the Policy Advisory Council.

Policy Advisory Forum Terms of Reference (including membership lists)

Enquiries about the work of the Policy Advisory Forum and the Policy Advisory Council should be addressed to the Secretary at communications@ukas.com.