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Due to Covid-19, between 01 April and 01 October we will be running all our scheduled courses online.

In these unprecedented and uncertain times, UKAS’ Training Academy remains committed to safely supporting our customers’ learning needs. We have implemented new technology to deliver our courses scheduled between 01 April and 01 October as Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT).

Virtual training is designed to simulate the traditional learning experience. Our VILT courses bring you are your peers together in a virtual classroom, led by our live trainers. All learners have the opportunity to collaborate with each other and the tutors, express opinions and ask questions, all in real time.


Why choose Virtual Live Training from UKAS Academy?

  • Our training is hosted on the industry-leading platform for virtual learning to provide the closest simulation to the classroom environment.
  • We know how important practical sessions are for the learning experience of our delegates, so group work, exercises and roleplays still form a major part of our virtual training.
  • Our tutors, drawn from UKAS’ own in-house expert, will share their in-depth knowledge and experience with a limited group of learners, ensuring you get the right level of attention throughout your course.
  • Our live training and all course materials are accessible from iOS and Android devices, as well as your PC.


What will you need?

For the majority of courses, all you'll need is an internet-connected computer or laptop plus headphones with a microphone. A USB headset is best, but any bluetooth or mobile headphones with a microphone will allow you to interact with the classroom.

Before you book, you can check that you meet the Adobe Connect System Requirements and run a diagnostic test to ensure the software is compatible with your firewall settings – if it doesn’t work, try adjusting your settings or contact your IT department about permitting the website.

For additional course materials delivered in e-Book format, it will be helpful to have an additional screen, such as a computer monitor, TV screen (to which you can connect via an HDMI cable) or an iOS/Android Tablet.


How to book

All courses between 01 April and 01 October will be delivered online. The courses will run for the same duration and on the same dates as our scheduled courses.

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