Accreditation costs

Covid-19 Private Provider

Customer Type: Private provider involved in sample collection, POCT or Laboratory testing services for SARS-CoV-2

  • Stage 1

    Includes review of application and self-declaration as well as any associated technical documents

     Cost: £1500

  • Stage 2

    0.5 Days Assessment time, including full document review of up to 2 submissions. Additional time required for multiple submissions will be added to costs at Stage 3.

    Cost: £606.50


  • Stage 3
    • Single site sampling provider (e.g Private GP): Typical Cost £3,335
    • Multi-site sampling provider, including POCT: Typical Cost £5,458+
    • Single site Testing Laboratory: Typical Cost £5,458
      (assumes assessment of SARS-CoV-2 assay only)
    • Multi-site Testing Laboratory: Typical Cost dependent on number and types of locations

    Includes review of updated documentation prior to assessment, ‘site time’ whether conducted remotely or on-site (Lead Assessor and Technical Assessor to conduct full assessment of all activities applied for), post-assessment reporting and the average closure time for non-conformities.

  • General

    All fees exclude VAT. Costs are indicative estimates, actual fees are calculated based on assessment time required for each provider. Where providers are unprepared or require repeated assessments, additional fees will apply.

    For assessments where UKAS are required to be onsite, UKAS standard Travel and Subsistence fees will apply (£214 per person per day). It is the intention of UKAS to utilise remote assessment tools wherever possible, particularly for single-site sampling organisations.

    Following clearance of any non-conformities raised at Stage 3, accreditation is granted for a period of 4 years, in which there will be 3 Surveillance Assessments and 1 Re-assessment conducted. Time required for annual assessment will be calculated based on the size and scope of the provider and will be a chargeable at the standard rates detailed within the Standard Terms of Business.