» What does UKAS do with your feedback?

As a UKAS customer you may wonder what UKAS does with all the feedback it receives about the services it provides. 

UKAS takes all feedback very seriously. All the feedback we receive whether it is solicited or unsolicited is collated, reviewed and analysed to determine what UKAS can do to improve the accreditation services it provides and over the last 12 months as a direct results of your feedback UKAS has introduced the following:

Focus Groups

The aim of these is to help us to better understand what our customer’s value from an accreditation service provider and ultimately, it provides our customers with an interactive opportunity to influence how UKAS provides their accreditation services in the future.  UKAS has undertaken 4 of these to date and the results are currently under review.

Piloted new communication tools

UKAS has recently begun exploring how it may use webinars as a means of communicating changes in the accreditation standards and requirements to its customers.  The first pilot for using this tool was completed in July 2015 and was used for communicating the UKAS plans for the ISO 9001:2015 to its certification customers. UKAS had 55 participants including many overseas customers. The format was a 30 min presentation followed by a 30 min question and answer session.

Of those who participated and provided feedback 100% commented that they found the session “very useful” or “useful” and the free text feedback included the following comments:

a really positive experience, thank you and well done UKAS

“Presentation style was very good and easy to follow”

“Good presentation. Answers to questions were immediate which was impressive and helpful”

UKAS is currently exploring options for using webinars for further transitions as a means of communicating general updates to specific customer groups.

New UKAS Website Launched

Feedback from our customer over recent years has indicated that our customer felt the UKAS website was outdated and difficult to navigate. This feedback was taken on board has became the key driver in our developing and launching our new site which now includes a dedicated customer area and additional support and guidelines for our customer including a new “how to use the accreditation symbol area”.

If you have any suggestions as to how UKAS can improve its services please email these to customerfeedback@ukas.com