Who's Accredited?


Testing Laboratories > Petroleum products & lubricants/ oils/ greases > Fuels, oils & lubricants > Metals/ solids/ particulates/ sediment salt/impurities

    Regroup (Reclaim) Limited

    Testing Laboratories / 4613

    Air Street, Bankside, Hull, East Yorkshire HU51RR, United Kingdom
    Telephone +44 (0)1482 879666  Email [email protected]  Web  http://www.regroup.uk.com

    SGS United Kingdom Limited

    Testing Laboratories / 0131

    Rossmore Business Park, Ellesmere Port, South Wirral, Cheshire CH65 3EN, United Kingdom
    Telephone +44 (0)151 350 6672  Email [email protected]  Web  http://www.uk.sgs.com

    Malary Limited

    Testing Laboratories / 4643

    Malary House, Brookfield Business Centre, Cottenham, Cambridge CB24 8PS, United Kingdom
    Telephone +44 (0)1954 250638  Email [email protected]  Web  http://www.malary.co.uk

    SGS United Kingdom Limited

    Testing Laboratories / 4379

    Aurora Court, Middlesborough TS2 1RY, United Kingdom
    Telephone +44 (0)1642 373460  Email [email protected]  Web  http://www.uk.sgs.com

    SPECTRO a trading name of Palace International Limited

    Testing Laboratories / 0261

    Hatchwood Place, Farnham Road, Odiham, Hampshire RG291AB, United Kingdom
    Telephone +44 (0)1256 704000  Email [email protected]  Web  http://www.spectro-oil.com

    Exeter Analytical (UK) Ltd Trading as Warwick Analytical Services

    Testing Laboratories / 2703

    The Venture Centre, University of Warwick Science Park, Sir William Lyons Road, Coventry CV4 7EZ, United Kingdom
    Telephone +44 (0)2476 323223  Email [email protected]  Web  http://www.exeteranalytical.co.uk

    ITS Testing Services (UK) Limited (Aberdeen Laboratory)

    Testing Laboratories / 0101

    Exploration Drive, Aberdeen Science and Energy Park, Bridge of Don, Aberdeen AB23 8HZ, United Kingdom
    Telephone +44 (0)1224 708500  Email [email protected]  Web  http://www.intertek.com

    Saybolt United Kingdom Ltd

    Testing Laboratories / 0123

    Unit A4, J31 Park, Motherwell Way, West Thurrock, Essex RM20 3XD, United Kingdom
    Telephone +44 (0)1708 862 611  Email [email protected]  Web  http://www.saybolt.com

    Inspectorate International Ltd

    Testing Laboratories / 1192

    Unit 7, Prince William Drive, Queens Road, Immingham, North East Lincolnshire DN40 1QR, United Kingdom
    Telephone +44 (0)1469 571740  Email [email protected]  Web  http://www.bureauveritas.com

    ITS Testing Services (UK) Ltd

    Testing Laboratories / 1158

    Intertek Caleb Brett Thornton Laboratory, B301 Thornton Science Park, Pool Lane, Chester CH2 4NU, United Kingdom
    Telephone +44 (0)151 350 5178  Email [email protected]