» Accreditation critical to better regulation says BRE Chair

06 October, 2012

Lord Curry, the Non-Executive Chairman of the Better Regulation Executive (BRE), was the guest speaker at the UKAS annual lunch held on Tuesday 2nd October, providing an interesting insight into the work of BRE and the relevance of accreditation to better regulation.

The Better Regulation Executive (BRE) sets the strategy for better regulation and regulatory reform across Government and Lord Curry explained that reducing regulation and cutting red tape is one of the Government’s core priorities. A framework has been put in place to make this happen focusing on tackling the stock of existing regulations as well as stemming the flow of new regulation.

Lord Curry spoke about a number of initiatives under this framework including: the One-In, One-Out rule for new regulation; the ‘Red Tape Challenge’ for business and the public to challenge the worst regulations; special deregulatory measures for small businesses; limiting the impact of European regulation; and ‘Focus on Enforcement’ looking at how enforcement of legislation is experienced from the business point of view.

Lord Curry welcomed UKAS’ involvement in this work, regarding accreditation as ‘absolutely critical’ to better regulation. BRE wants to promote new ways of thinking and working across Government in order to change behaviour and culture across Whitehall. The Government's presumption is that conventional 'Command and Control' regulation is a last resort and that alternative, non-regulatory approaches, such as accreditation, should be used. He hoped that BRE could continue to work with UKAS to promote accreditation, as an alternative to regulation, across all parts of Government.

Note: Further information on the work of BRE and an opportunity to take part in these initiatives is available from https://www.gov.uk/government/groups/better-regulation-executive