» Accreditation for Inspection of Fairground and Amusement Park Devices – Pilot Project Update

11 November, 2011

The first pilot assessment by UKAS of an inspection body involved in inspection of fairground and amusement park devices is now under way. A pre- assessment of Jacobs Engineering (UK) Ltd, Ashton Lane, Manchester was conducted by UKAS recently, where Jacobs’ readiness to proceed to the initial assessment stage was established and an action plan was agreed.

At the initial assessment, UKAS will establish the inspection body’s compliance with the international standard ISO/IEC 17020, Generic criteria for the operation of various types of bodies performing inspection, and its competence to perform inspection of fairground and amusement park devices. The initial assessment will include a review of documentation used by the inspection body to manage its inspection activities and an assessment of its systems, processes and facilities as well as the on-site performance of a sample of its inspectors.

UKAS will use industry experts to seek technical advice and assist in the assessment of on-site performance. In addition to the standard ISO/IEC 17020, Jacobs will use IAF/ILAC A4 which provides guidance on the application of ISO/IEC 17020 and the UKAS publication RG 0 which provides guidance on a process for developing competence of personnel undertaking engineering inspections. The inspection activities are to be conducted by Jacobs in accordance with HSG 175, Fairground and amusement parks – guidance on safe practice and the relevant parts of Amusement Devices Safety Council’s guidance document – Advice for In-Service Inspection as well as the applicable parts of BS EN 13814.

Following the current pilot assessment of Jacobs, UKAS is planning to work with ADIPS, the fairground and amusement park industry’s self-regulated safety inspection scheme which registers ride inspectors and the rides they inspect, to establish a scheme for accreditation of single person inspection bodies working in the fairground and amusement park industry. More information of the progress of this scheme will be published at a later date.