» Accreditation for Nuclear New Build Inspectors – UKAS Pilot Project Update

24 June, 2011

The deadline for registering interest to participate in a pilot assessment programme leading to successful applicants being accredited for inspection of components supplied to nuclear plants, expired on 15 June.

We have received 20 expressions of interest from organisations wishing to participate in the pilot programme. Since the announcement inviting expressions of interest, we have had the opportunity to discuss the objectives of the pilot programme with the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) and the Office for Nuclear Development (OND) as well as with a number of other stakeholders.
These discussions with stakeholders have highlighted the following key points.

    • The need for a discussion with developers and operators of new and existing nuclear power plants in the UK in order to determine their specific requirements as stakeholders for such accreditation and that it is developed in a way which promotes a coordinated industry –led approach to the supply chain
    • The review of scope of accreditation to include all quality assurance activities of the supply chain including components supplied to existing nuclear plants
    • The possibility of inclusion of inspection bodies established outside the UK in the pilot programme, working in cooperation with other European accreditation bodies
    • The most appropriate accreditation standard for accreditation of NDT validation activities

We are now in the process of arranging a meeting with developers and operators to address the first point mentioned above. Following this meeting all those who have expressed an interest will be forwarded with the terms and conditions and timelines of the pilot programme.

For further information please contact Lal Ilan, Project Manager, UKAS lal.ilan@ukas.com