» Accreditation, sustainability and continual improvement at the heart of one of the UK’s leading environmental organisations

05 March, 2015

Manestream is a trading division of OC Consulting (UK) Ltd, and is one of the UK’s leading environmental companies, specialising in asbestos, legionella, fire, health and safety services and training. Since its inception, this privately owned business has built up a national reputation for excellence in delivering bespoke solutions for a wide range of environmental problems, whether they are small or complex, solutions are tailored to meet individual customer demands. This high standard of quality assurance is evidenced with its long term customer base who have been working with Manestream over a number of years. The customer base is diverse and ranges from Public Sector (Education, NHS, Housing and Local Authorities) to the private sector.

Manestream recognised the specialisms and expertise of the services they provide, and set up separate divisions to cover the areas of Asbestos and Fire Services.  Each division has a management team in place employing a team of professionals who have their own sector specific equipment and technical support staff who are all working to provide their customers with the best service and sector knowledge. 

 Delivering specialist expertise to public and private sector customers

Within the Fire Division, the team are working with customers to ensure they meet any changes in fire legislation, implementing cost effective solutions that comply with the latest fire regulations RRO 2006.  Consultancy services also include risk assessment, fire prevention and containment, signage, alarm systems and escape, detection and fire suppression.

Across London and the South East, the Asbestos Division is recognised as being one of the market leaders, especially in asbestos removals. With a team of highly qualified surveyors, lab technicians, on-site asbestos engineers and highly trained technical support staff, the team continue to adapt to meet market demands.

Manestream offer both public and private sector client’s extensive expertise and experience in a comprehensive range of asbestos services across a diverse range of market sectors, including Health, Defence, Housing, Education, Transport, Leisure, Energy and Nuclear. Often working with clients on national projects, many of which are in challenging environments.

Whatever the client demands, whether it be surveys, inspections, testing, analysis and sampling Manestream is able to investigate and provide a specialist service to meet their requirements. Manestream is committed to meeting project requirements from the initial stages of negotiation to contract completion, and to delivering a high level of customer service where health and safety is paramount

Quality assurance and accreditation underpin continual business improvement and growth

At the heart of the organisation is a commitment to a continual improvement in standards. This is reflected within the company’s UKAS accredited quality systems. 

Integral to the way in which the overall business conducts itself is compliance to robust quality assurance standards including ISO 9001:2008 which forms the core of Manestream’s management system. This robust standard ensures that all staff are working to the same standards, using the same documentation for work in progress and therefore creating a consistent and accurate audit trail. It also provides consistency in the quality of the procedures and processes in place throughout the business, which in turn is reflected in the high levels of customer service delivery. Ultimately it fosters a culture of delivering ‘best practice’ in all areas of the business and an environment of continual improvement, a key attraction for staff, existing customers and tenders for new business.

Manestream carries out analysis and testing on behalf of customers. Its Laboratories meet the UKAS accreditation in accordance with ISO/1EC 17025:2005, an internationally recognised standard for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories. Working within such a regulated environment, it is central to the survival and growth of the business that it meets the rigours of various accreditation and training bodies and testing laboratories, as it denotes investment in the business and professionalism, something which is then reflected onwards to customers. Indeed this accreditation has proven to be key in securing new business, as it denotes a level of consistency, precision and quality of the work being carried out for customers. Manestream have recently gained ISO 18001 accreditation, along with our UKAS accreditation this has enabled us to secure a long term contract with a Main Contractor working on a decent homes scheme for a local authority. 

Environmental and sustainable policies create a legacy for the future

As a leading environmental organisation, Manestream recognises its responsibilities to the environment and the community. It is therefore focussed on reducing its carbon footprint in the way it conducts business and becoming a more sustainable organisation. Working within the framework of ISO 14001 Environmental Management standard, Manestream complies with agreed policies and procedures that will encourage energy efficiencies and innovation within the business.

Company targets and objectives, such as recycling, are agreed with the aim of encouraging all staff and the senior management team to strive to become more energy efficient and sustainable. Environmental policy issues form an integral part of the staff role, with specific training being given to foster a sustainable approach to the way in which they work.

Manestream also works closely with its supply chain partners to continually improve their environmental performance and delivery. This consistent adaptation to meet market demands and innovate ensures that Manestream continues to grow and attract new customers. As a leading environmental organisation, Manestream is actively embracing change that will impact on its local environment, its staff, customers and suppliers to create a more sustainable future.

 Business investment, innovation and quality standards – leading to a more effective and sustainable organisation

Commitment to continual improvement in standards is reflected in the organisation embracing the international quality management system ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 17025 and environmental policy 14001. With regular audits of systems, processes and procedures across the business, Manestream can ensure they are adopting ‘best practice’ and reviewing the way they do business on a regular basis.

The efficiencies resulting from having accreditation in place also impacts on the bottom line, with cost savings in terms of days saved, as a result of streamlining business process.