» Accredited certification is a valuable tool for businesses says international survey

25 December, 2012

The value of accredited certification as a valuable business tool has been confirmed by a survey conducted by the International Accreditation Forum (IAF), of which UKAS is a principal member. The global survey received over 4,000 responses from businesses operating across a diverse range of industries in more than 40 different economies.

The survey aimed to clarify the drivers for seeking certification, the factors involved in choosing a certification body, and the extent of any benefit derived from the certification process. Nearly two thirds of respondents work in small to medium sized businesses, with over half of those coming from companies with less than 50 employees.

Key findings from the survey showed that over nearly two thirds of UK respondents had seen an increase in sales as a direct result of the certification, whilst over 80% of all respondents felt that certification had added value to their organisation. Internal business improvement was given by nearly half of all participants as the main driver for seeking certification, whilst the overwhelmingly majority stated that certification was important to their customers.

Over 90% of everyone who took part in the survey confirmed that their certification body was accredited by a recognised accreditation body, with 35% stating that the acceptance of their certification in overseas markets was very important. When asked whether the certification bodies provide value for money, 57% of respondents in the UK agreed.

Paul Stennett, Chief Executive of UKAS commented. “UKAS accreditation provides assurance that certification bodies operate to recognised standards, and are competent to deliver a consistently reliable and impartial service. The findings of this worldwide survey confirm that businesses are generating significant benefits and added value from accredited certification. Not only is it being used as a tool to deliver internal business improvement and regulatory compliance, but it is having a positive effect on revenue. Given these benefits, and in light of the reported satisfaction with the assessment process, businesses are clearly recognising the value for money that accredited certification provides them.”

A full copy of the report is available from the IAF website.