» BMTA: Managing Asbestos Safely

31 January, 2019

UKAS will be supporting a BMTA workshop that will look at the imminent publication of the new HSE 'The Analysts' Guide', recent changes to sentencing guidelines, duty to manage and the outcomes of Grenfell, increasingly require building owners, advisers, contractors and test houses to look at how they work together to manage risk.

Experts together with speakers from the HSE will be presenting at this 1 day workshop to discuss changes in advice and thinking on best practice in Asbestos Management and Removal. The event will be of interest to Advisers, Contractors, Designers, Duty holders, Property owners and Surveyors.

The programme will include:

  • Asbestos 4-stage clearance and other key changes in the new analyst guide - (Dr Martin Gibson - HSE)
  • Recent changes to standards, forms and feedback that impact testing laboratories - (Frank Smith - UKAS)
  • The Asbestos industry is doomed, unless … (Gary McKendrick - Omega Asbestos Consulting)
  • Why the UK needs tighter Asbesto control (Charles Pickles - Lucion Services)
  • Asbestos and other hazards during the pre-construction phase – client responsibilities, the designers role and information flows.  (James Richie – Architect and RIBA CDM Specialist Practice Consultant.)
  • How decisions commonly made by main contractors, designers and clients can negatively affect Asbestos abatement projects. ( Darren Payne - Rhodar Ltd )
  • Asbestos surveys - do you know what you're buying? (Paul King – SGS Environmental)
  • Learning lessons (Alan Willoughby - NORAC)
  • Current exposures and work practices in the licensed Asbestos removal Industry - an update on HSE research. (Daniel Barrowcliffe - HSE)
  • A breath of fresh air, managing risk through innovations in enclosure monitoring and management systems. (Ray Gravener – Federation of Decontamination Equipment Manufacturers)

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