» Building Regulations Competent Persons Schemes

09 March, 2015

The Department for Communities and Local Government and the Welsh Government have, for several years, approved a number of competent persons schemes (CPS) under the Building Regulations. Those businesses certified under an approved CPS are able to self-certify their work without recourse to a local authority building control officer thus reducing local authority inspection of the builder and benefitting customers by removing the need to pay building control fees. Building works covered by CPS include: electrical installations; heating and hot water systems; combustion appliances; and replacement windows and doors.

competent persons

From June 2014, DCLG/WG required all CPS to be accredited by UKAS.  This programme of accreditation has now been successfully completed. DCLG/WG are no longer required to carry out separate assessments which reduces the regulatory burden on the CPS, most of which were already accredited by UKAS for other activities, whilst ensuring that the standards required by DCLG/WG continue to be met.