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31 May, 2013

BS 25999 to ISO 22301 Transition Update

In May 2012 UKAS informed, by letter, BCM Certification Bodies of the overall requirements for Transition to the new BCM standard, ISO 22301.

The purpose of this bulletin is to reiterate and clarify some of the key points regarding the transition process.

There will be a transition period of 2 years from publication of the standard. This means that by 30th May 2014, all affected Certification Bodies must have successfully transitioned.

Existing accreditations to BS 25999 will remain valid until the end of this transition period or until each Certification Body achieves transition. The intention is that the next scheduled UKAS assessment visit for each Certification Body will take account of both IS0 22301 and BS 25999-2. Corrective actions for any Mandatory Findings raised against BS 25999 will need to be resolved and closed following the normal process and timescales. Corrective action timescales for findings raised specifically against ISO 22301 will be discussed and agreed with the UKAS Assessment Manager but must be closed by 30th May 2014.

UKAS will not accept any further applications for accreditation to BS 25999-2 after 31st

October 2012. Scope extensions for existing accredited CABs that have not yet achieved transition will be accepted up until the end of October 2013.

As part of the preparation for the transition assessments, Certification Bodies are asked to provide UKAS, through your Assessment manager, with lists of:

  1. current clients and information on your expected transition timescales for each client;
  2. any new clients currently being progressed, specifying the standard on which the assessment is expected to be based.

Within 1 year of gaining accreditation to ISO 22301, CABs should carry out transition assessments of their clients such that transition is achieved for all clients within 1 year of gaining accreditation. No new certificates or renewals to BS 25999-2 should be issued after 31st December 2013.

Accreditation will be granted for each Certification Body concerned upon completion of a successful head office assessment and closure and verification of any Mandatory Findings raised.

UKAS will wish to carry out a witnessed assessment of an ISO 22301 audit within 1 year of the Certification Body gaining accreditation. This witnessed assessment will be part of the ongoing witnessing programme.

For further information please contact:

Kevin Belson: Technical Manager kevin.belson@ukas.com