» Call for Expressions of Interest – ISO/IEC 17020 – Accreditation for Forensic Casework Review

12 October, 2016

In order to support the Criminal Justice System (CJS) many organisations/individuals undertake a review of complete forensic casework.  Forensic casework review can be undertaken on behalf of the prosecution or the defence and includes:

  • Independent forensic review of current casework – forensic casefile review only
  • Independent forensic review of historical cases e.g. ‘cold cases’, – forensic casefile review only
  • Independent re-examination/re-analysis of case items by a Forensic Scientist at a location other than their own organisations site, e.g. at the original (or another) Forensic Science Provider’s site

Areas not included in this definition of Forensic Casework Review are:

  • Routine Peer Review undertaken as part of an ISO/IEC 17025:2005 process
  • Examination / analysis that would fall under ISO/IEC17025:2005

The Forensic Science Regulator has asked UKAS if we are able to offer ISO/IEC 17020 accreditation for this area of forensics.  As Forensic Casework Review is a new area of accreditation UKAS would like to gauge the likely level of interest there may be from organisations that carry out the above activities.  The level of interest will assist UKAS in determining the best way forward with a development project for this area.

As this is an initial announcement to gauge the demand please provide feedback to UKAS (alison.Severn@ukas.com) by the 18th November 2016.  Could you provide the following information:

  • Areas of casework review want to be accredited
    • Review of casefiles and reports at own premises
    • Review of casefiles and information at premises where original work was undertaken
    • Review of casefiles and re-inspection of items at premises where original work was undertaken
    • Review of historical casework
    • Re-examination of exhibits at own premises or other premises
  • Technical areas which are involved in casework review (e.g. DNA, Body Fluids, Tox, Digital Forensics)

Please note if you are already participating in the small business forensic casework review project with the Charter Society for Forensic Science you do not need to register interest.