» EA recognises EMS certification

18 March, 2015

ISO 14001 is an internationally recognised standard for environmental management systems. It was developed by industry for industry and is used by businesses to manage their environmental obligations. To provide an independent verification of compliance, businesses can choose to be certified by UKAS accredited certification bodies. Accreditation by UKAS provides an assurance of the competence of the certification bodies to assess compliance against ISO 14001. 


The Environment Agency recognises the value of accredited certification to ISO 14001 in providing an indication of a business’ commitment to meeting its environmental obligations. Businesses with accredited certification to ISO 14001 receive credit under the Integrated Pollution and Prevention and Control legislation resulting in reduced environmental levies for businesses and reduced inspection requirements for the regulator.

UKAS is currently taking part in a working group with the environment agencies of all four countries to explore how the certification of ISO 14001 environmental management systems can be developed to provide a more specific assurance of legal compliance.