» Measurement uncertainty evaluation event

25 November, 2019

UKAS is an active partner in the EMPIR Examples of Measurement Uncertainty Evaluation Project 17NRM05. Known as EMUE, this project aims to promote the harmonized evaluation of measurement uncertainty according to internationally recognized standards and guides across a broad range of measurement disciplines. The overall objective is to provide a comprehensive set of new and improved examples to illustrate uncertainty evaluation methods.  To achieve this a number of worked examples are being developed demonstrating good practice, together with some examples highlighting the consequences of poor practice.

An EMUE workshop will be taking place in Paris on 21-22 January 2020. Hosted by LNE, the workshop is to present concrete examples to show how the evaluation principles of measurement uncertainty can support and add value to normative and related practices. The Workshop is open to anyone interested in the evaluation of measurement uncertainty and provides an opportunity to meet and discuss issues with fellow experts and practitioners in an informal environment.

Further information about the workshop can be found here