» Expression of interest – ISO 29001 : 2020 Petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries — Sector-specific quality management systems — Requirements for product and service supply organisations

29 July, 2020

In the last couple of years UKAS has received a few requests for accreditation to underpin the certification of a sector specific management system in the Petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries (ISO 29001:2020). As UKAS has not accredited this conformity assessment activity before, it will need to undertake a development project to confirm the applicability of the standard and also to establish a robust and proportionate assessment approach. UKAS is reviewing its current development projects and wants to gauge the level of interest there may be from bodies who want to certify organisations against this standard. The level of interest will assist UKAS in determining the priority of any development project.

If you are interested in gaining accreditation in this sector scheme for ISO 9001 please provide feedback to UKAS (DevelopmentEnquiries@ukas.com) by the 11th September 2020. It would also be helpful in the planning if you could provide the following information:

  •  The number of clients/estimated number of clients you have for this standards?
  •  The date by which you envisage that you will be ready to offer certification to these standards?
  •  The number of non-accredited certificates issued for the standard(s)?
  •  The date by which you envisage your clients being ready for 1) a Stage 1 and 2) a Stage 2 audit?
  •  The geographical location(s) where accredited certificates will be issued (solely UK, Solely Europe, Office outside of Europe)?