» Global UK food and drinks producer leads the way in ‘sustainable production’

05 March, 2015

 Muntons PLC has been established for over 90 years. During that time they have grown to become one of the key global leaders in the supply of malts, malt extracts, flours and flakes and many other malted ingredients relevant to the food and drinks industry. Indeed Muntons has also built up a reputation as one of the leaders in the manufacture of an extensive range of beer, wine and cider making kits, also sold globally.

In terms of size, Muntons is a £100m turnover business which exports over 50% of its production to some 50 countries. They have offices in the US and Far East and continue to grow and expand their base.

Integral to the ethos of the business is ‘Practical Sustainability’ with a focus on sustainable production and carbon foot printing. Indeed the organisation has taken the UK lead in the Industry through its support of sustainable production. It is the first maltster to develop a bespoke farming carbon footprint calculator and the first to pledge that all its malt will be low carbon by 2018.

Muntons market leading success and focus on the environment is globally recognised. This key area of the business is continually refined and developed, with weekly internal checks to their environmental audit policy being conducted across all business divisions. Indeed in 2013 Muntons received an award from The Sunday Times, acknowledging them as one of the top 100 ‘Best Green Companies’ in the UK, an achievement they have consistently reached since its launch four years ago.

Underpinning the success of the overall business is a focus on innovation and excellence and robust quality standards.  Indeed a purpose built ‘Centre for Excellence’ facility built at Stowmarket gives the space and technology for ongoing product development, renovation and innovation of malt and malted ingredients and retail products. This state of the art facility supports Muntons key aim to continually improve and lead the way in the marketplace.

With a primary business aim of ‘continual improvement’ ISO 9001’s business management system facilitates the structure required for Muntons to grow, whilst retaining its high standards of service and business process.  Dr David Mugglestone,  Head of Quality, Food Safety & Environmental Systems for Muntons said “ISO 9001 gives structure to the business, everything is documented and as a result provides the opportunity for continual improvement in the business, something Muntons strive to achieve as part of its overall growth strategy.”

As global markets have become ever more competitive, Muntons realised the commercial importance of ensuring their products meet UK and International standards. Their certification processes are comprehensive, covering all key areas of the business. With expansion into the US and Far East, Muntons are ANAB and ISO 22000 accredited to satisfy local demands to trade.

Recognised by UKAS, Mugglestone, said, “meeting global standards and food safety standards gives existing and new customers the confidence to work with a company that has been independently audited and has structure in place to ensure traceability of all products and procedures. Of particular importance with the recent food scares and concerns around traceability and origin. The certification gives the business a more competitive edge as existing customers and potential new customers can see the quality levels that Muntons adhere to. All relevant certification is in place with all test results being transparent to third parties.”

Building on the efficiencies of certification

The regular audits of processes and procedures within the organisation enable Muntons to continue to streamline and refine systems and processes in place. This is of particular importance to their continual striving to work in an ethical manner, whilst delivering the highest standards of products and service, to suppliers and customers alike.