» Hampshire County Council

09 March, 2015


"Our supplier selection policy stipulates that a business must demonstrate financial viability, Health & Safety competence, and UKAS accreditation. As a purchaser, it is essential that we get what we ask for. UKAS accreditation is a pre-requisite whenever we are choosing an organisation to work with to help us manage asbestos. We do not however look for UKAS accreditation in one area of asbestos management. We would look for it in all areas – for example for testing, surveying and air testing. The reasons for using a UKAS-accredited company are manifold. Firstly, it is a way of ensuring the quality of the work. However it is not just about the quality, as we are dealing with the management of asbestos in schools and offices, and so there are clearly reputational issues at stake as well. Using a UKAS accredited organisation is not going to necessarily increase the price of procuring a particular service. A UKAS accredited organisation will offer value for money. The cost of getting it wrong and re-working is phenomenally expensive. This would not be the best use of rate payers’ money. It is much cheaper to get it right first time".

Glenn Turner,Head of the Scientific Service, Hampshire County Council