» ISO 11000 – Collaborative Business Relationships

27 April, 2016

UKAS has recently been asked if we offer ISO 17021-1 accreditation for ISO 11000 – Collaborative Business Relationships, which we do not currently provide for. It is specified as a Requirements document and therefore it appears to be a standard that organisations could demonstrate compliance with and Certification Bodies could audit and certify.

UKAS would like to gauge the likely level of interest there may be from Certification Bodies in order to consider taking this forward as a development project.  A development project requires Certification Bodies to have clients  seeking audit and certification, as part of the project would be witnessing audits against the standard.

As this is an initial announcement to gauge the demand, and it is recognised that Certification Bodies will need to consult with their clients, please provide feedback to UKAS (alison.severn@ukas.com) by June 30th 2016.