» Pasta Reale

09 March, 2015

“Accredited-certification to the BRC Global standard demonstrates to our customers that we operate to a required standard. This gives us a point of difference over our rivals. Food safety is essential. We see product recalls and food scares in the press all the time. Accredited-certification to the BRC standard builds in food safety processes to our business, and is a pre-requisite to trade with most of the major retailers. Without accredited certification, we would not be able to service many of the customers we supply, and that would have a significant impact on the size and success of our business. The supermarkets and retailers benefit by not having to visit our business as often to carry out activities such as routine hygiene audits enabling them to achieve resource savings. This also frees up the time of our own staff as they do not have to accommodate as many customer visits, allowing them to focus on activities such as business and product development.”

Barry Denton,
Operations Director