» SVT Guidance for IQIPS Services

26 February, 2019

Since May 2018, the Society for Vascular Technology (SVT) have been running series of articles in their quarterly members-only newsletter about IQIPS accreditation. Authored by Alison Charig (Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust) & Andrew Pellew-Nabbs (Warrington & Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust), the articles aim to provide guidance on IQIPS accreditation and meeting the requirements of the IQIPS standard. These articles are primarily aimed at vascular services but any services preparing for IQIPS accreditation may find the practical guidance useful.

Introducing the series in May 2018, the first article entitled ‘IQIPS Accreditation – Should we bother?’ explores the increasing pressure on services to gain accreditation, explains some of the benefits, and offers advice on how to start the process. The subsequent articles each focus on a different domain of the IQIPS standard and how the requirements may be satisfied. Although the articles are only available for SVT members via the newsletter, PDF versions are available for download below:

The fifth and final article in the series will focus on the clinical domain of the IQIPS Standard and is due to be published in the next SVT quarterly newsletter in May. If you are an SVT member, then please do look out for it.