» Technical Bulletin – IAF MD 11

18 February, 2019

This Technical Bulletin is applicable to all accredited management systems Certification Bodies and is to provide an update regarding recent changes to IAF document MD 11.

IAF MD 11 – Application of ISO/IEC 17021 for Audit of Integrated Management Systems issue 2 was published on 17 January 2019 with an application date of 17 January 2020. This update introduces an alternative methodology, the “Extended Auditing Approach” (applicable only to organisations with fully integrated management systems) for calculating man-days, in addition to the existing standard auditing approach. As a result of this main change, a number of editorial and document structure changes have also been introduced.

Certification Bodies offering certification of integrated management systems should ensure that they have reviewed this new issue and incorporated it into their processes and procedures by the application date. In addition, they should ensure that the new Extended Auditing Approach is understood by all relevant personnel within the CB, and, where relevant, competence updates have been defined and evaluated.

UKAS approach to assessing implementation:

By the declared document application of the 17 January 2020, UKAS CBs are requested to confirm in writing to their UKAS Assessment or Case Manager, that they have taken action to consider the content of the revised document and have implemented the necessitated changes to their management system. Assessment of the planning and implementation will be completed at each Certification Body during the scheduled 2019 and/or 2020 Head Office assessment, so as to ensure that the changes are incorporated by the stated application dates. For clarification, we do not expect Certification Bodies to retrospectively change existing fixed/contracted arrangements, but the requirements must be in place for each affected certified customer by the next certification renewal. Where the planning and/or implementation has not been satisfactory then UKAS will issue mandatory improvement actions (IAR) and accreditation may be adversely affected.

If any individual Certification Body has any concerns about the introduction of the updated MD they should firstly contact their Assessment or Case Manager.

Should you require any clarification on the above, please contact; Steve Randall: Accreditation Specialist, Certification - Steve.Randall@ukas.com; or Kevin Belson: Technical Manager - Kevin.Belson@ukas.com

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