» Technical Bulletin – IAF MD 23 – Control of Entities Operating on Behalf of Accredited Management Systems Certification Bodies

22 May, 2018

This Technical Bulletin is applicable to all Certification Bodies (CBs) and concerns the actions required following publication of IAF MD 23 which was published by the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) on 8th May 2018.

IAF has allocated an implementation date for this document of 8th May 2019, providing a 1-year implementation period. UKAS is obliged to ensure that all IAF Mandatory Documents are being applied by accredited CBs.

Certification Bodies should now be reviewing their processes and procedures to ensure that the requirements of the Mandatory Document are implemented, and should start to take actions where this is not the case in order to achieve implementation by the 8th May 2019.

With regard to risk assessment (section 1.1) and Legally Enforceable Agreements (1,2), CBs should consider historic as well as new arrangements to ensure that all activities comply.

At each CBs next head office assessment, UKAS will be assessing the level of implementation to date to ascertain that the CB is moving towards full implementation in time for the deadline.

As with all IAF Mandatory Documents, any related findings will be raised against the relevant clause of ISO/IEC 17021-1 with reference to the MD as appropriate.

Should you require any clarification on the above, please contact your Assessment Manager; Accreditation Specialist Certification – Steve.Randall@UKAS.com; or Kevin Belson: Technical Manager - Kevin.Belson@ukas.com

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