» Technical Bulletin – ISO 17034: 2016

09 August, 2017

Following the publication of ISO 17034:2016, UKAS is now launching its project to migrate the accreditation of Reference Material Producers (RMPs) from ISO Guide 34:2009 to ISO 17034:2016.

This communication outlines UKAS’ approach to this migration and the timeframes involved.


Migration approach (Accredited bodies):

UKAS will commence assessments to migrate customers to ISO 17034:2016 from 1st September 2017.  From this date until 31st July 2018 the RMP will have the option of which standard it will be assessed to: If assessments are still conducted to ISO Guide 34:2009 then the UKAS assessment team will record areas where they identify any nonconformities with ISO 17034:2016 as observations.  From 1st August 2018 until 31st July 2019 all assessments shall be conducted against the requirements of ISO 17034:2016. RMPs will be assessed for this migration at their routine annual surveillance or reassessment visits which occur during this migration period. Migration assessments will cover changes to both the management system and technical requirements for RMP accreditation and, as such, will require input from both Lead and Technical Assessors from UKAS.

RMPs will not need to apply for migration; their migration assessment will be performed in accordance with the timeline detailed below.

In preparation for the migration assessment the RMP will be required to complete a ‘gap analysis’ proforma and return it to UKAS at least 1 month prior to the assessment. UKAS will provide the proforma at the time of arranging the migration assessment, although it is also available on the UKAS website. The RMP will need to include details within the proforma of the changes (if any) it has made to its systems to meet revised and/or new requirements in ISO 17034:2016 as compared to ISO Guide 34:2009. The RMP will need copies of both ISO 17034:2016 and ISO Guide 34:2009 to complete the gap analysis proforma as it does not identity the nature of the changes.

Download ISO 17034:2016 Gap Analysis Proforma

If, during assessment, an RMP is found not to be in conformity with the requirements of ISO 17034:2016, the UKAS assessment team will raise mandatory findings which will need to be satisfactorily addressed by the RMP in sufficient time to allow migration of their accreditation: Sufficient time is normally considered to be within 3 months of the assessment or at least 2 months prior to the deadline after which accreditation to ISO Guide 34:2009 is no longer valid, whichever is sooner. The actual decision on migration will be made by an independent accreditation decision maker within UKAS following review and ratification of the assessment team’s recommendation and confirmation that all findings are cleared.

Upon completion of migration, the RMP will be issued with a new certificate and schedule of accreditation referencing ISO 17034:2016. The initial date of accreditation, annual visit dates, current year in the accreditation cycle and UKAS reference number will remain unchanged by this migration. Migrations will be granted as and when each RMP clears all its findings and an independent decision is successfully completed by UKAS.

The accreditation of RMPs that fail to migrate by the deadline specified below will cease to be valid from that date: Their accreditation will be listed as ‘suspended’ until such time that they can demonstrate to UKAS that they meet the requirements of ISO 17034:2016.


Migration approach (Applicant bodies):

RMPs that have applied for accreditation to ISO Guide 34:2009 but have not yet had their accreditation granted, may continue the accreditation process to ISO Guide 34:2009 until the date specified below. If accreditation is not obtained before that date then the applicant will need to be further assessed against the requirements of ISO 17034:2016 and satisfactorily address any mandatory findings raised before accreditation can be granted.

If accreditation to ISO Guide 34:2009 is achieved before that date then the RMP will need to be migrated within the remaining time of the migration project (see above for details).

UKAS will not be accepting any new applications for accreditation to ISO Guide 34:2009 after 1st September 2017.



1st September 2017

UKAS no longer accepts applications for ISO Guide 34:2009.

1st September 2017 to 31st July 2018

Annual assessments for the Surveillance or Reassessment of accredited RMPs will be to ISO Guide 34:3009 but will make reference to ISO 17034:2016 and recommendations as to areas of the management system requiring change will be provided by the assessment team. Note: These are recommendations only and migration cannot be achieved from this assessment.

1st August 2018 to 31st July 2019

All annual assessments for the Surveillance or Reassessment of accredited RMPs will be to ISO 17034:2016.

1st August 2018

Any applicant bodies that applied to ISO Guide 34:2009 and have not yet been granted will need to switch their application to ISO 17034:2016 after this date.

1st August 2019 to 31st October 2019

Contingency period to deal with exceptional circumstances.

1st November 2019

Deadline for migration of RMPs to ISO 17034:2016.  From this date accreditation to ISO Guide 34: 2009 will cease to be valid.



Should you have any queries regarding the migration process please contact jeff.ruddle@ukas.com or kevin.belson@ukas.com


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