» Technical Bulletin – Publication of IAF MD 1: 2018

21 May, 2018

This Technical Bulletin is applicable to all accredited management systems Certification Bodies.

A new version of IAF MD 1 - IAF Mandatory Document for the Audit and Certification of a Management System operated by a Multi-Site Organisation - was published by IAF (International Accreditation Forum) on 29 January 2018. This Technical Bulletin is to clarify the implementation requirements and UKAS approach.

The new document immediately replaced IAF MD1: 2007 and IAF MD 19 which are both now obsolete.

Although the MD has immediate application it should be noted that the introduction to the document states that “However, it is recognized that for practical and operational reasons, it may be necessary for some Certification Bodies to plan a transition (e.g. in order to update a software application tool). Consequently, they should agree with their Accreditation Body any specific arrangements related to such a transition and perform the transition without undue delay or commercial advantage.”

Therefore, the UKAS approach to implementation will be as follows: -

UKAS will assess implementation of IAF MD 1: 2018 at each Certification Body’s next scheduled Head Office assessment. For this we will need to see that the Certification Body has updated their systems and procedures to reflect the new Mandatory Document and that references to IAF MD 19 have been removed. However, taking into account the above statement, we do not expect Certification Bodies to retrospectively change existing fixed/contracted arrangements but the requirements of IAF MD1: 2018 must be in place for each certified customer by the next renewal.

Please also note that the document states “It is intended that certification of single-site organizations will continue to implement IAF MD 5, but in the event of any conflict between IAF MD 1 and MD 5 for multi-site organizations, IAF MD 1 requirements take precedence until such times as IAF MD 5 is revised.”

If any individual Certification Body has any concerns about the introduction of the updated MD they should firstly contact their Assessment or Case Manager.

Should you require any clarification on the above, please contact; Steve Randall: Accreditation Specialist, Certification - Steve.Randall@ukas.com; or Kevin Belson: Technical Manager - Kevin.Belson@ukas.com

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