» Technical Bulletin – QMS and EMS Certification – Transition from NACE 1 to NACE 2

05 February, 2018

As you will be aware, the methods of UKAS scoping for QMS and EMS accreditation under ISO/IEC 17021-1 are the IAF Codes (also referred to previously as EA Codes), as detailed in IAF ID 1, which relate to the NACE 2 classification codes.

To support the implementation of IAF MD 17, UKAS has been reviewing the schedules and identified that some scopes are still based on NACE Revision 1.1 (NACE 1.1), and there is a need to update these schedules of accreditation to reflect NACE version 2 (NACE 2). UKAS has carried out a detailed review of the changes between NACE 1.1 and NACE 2 and we have identified that, in a number of cases, one or more of the following situations exists, requiring reconciliation to be completed to individual schedules.

UKAS has started a process of determining the specific amendments needed for individual Certification Body (CB) schedules to reflect the changes brought about by NACE 2, and it is intended that this will be completed without undue burden on the Certification Bodies concerned.  Where a schedule includes a NACE 1.1 scope code/descriptor covered by a change that has led to the scope area being located under a different IAF scope code and descriptor, it is recognised that the CB will have already demonstrated technical competence in that area and so there is no reason to carry out further assessment as part of this reconciliation process. However, CBs should ensure that any competence system based on NACE codes is updated to reflect the changes.

We have identified 2 possible situations: -

  • Where the NACE Code/Descriptor has changed but the related IAF Code remains the same;
    • For CBs holding Full scope of the IAF (EA) code containing the NACE code there will be no change
    • For CBs holding Limited scopes that include the NACE 1.1 scope code/descriptor, the affected accreditation schedule will be updated with relevant NACE 2 scope descriptor related nomenclature to reflect the change
  • Where the NACE Code/Descriptor has changed, and the old related IAF (EA) Code has also changed;
    • For CBs holding Full scope in both the old and new IAF (EA) codes containing the NACE code there will be no change
    • For CBs holding Limited or Full that include the NACE 1.1 scope code/descriptor in the old IAF (EA) Code but not holding the new IAF code containing the NACE 2 code/descriptor then the affected Accreditation Schedule will be updated to include the limited scope under the new IAF Code to the reflect the change

The aim is to complete this work between now and mid-September 2018 and to this end, if your CB’s schedules are affected, your Assessment Manager will contact you over the coming months to discuss the required changes and what needs to happen (as above) in your case.  This process will not result in a CBs scope being reduced but it should be noted that if additional IAF codes need to be added the change may affect the witnessed assessments required under MD 17. In the meantime, should you have any questions, please contact steve.randall@ukas.com or kevin.belson@ukas.com.


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