» UKAS Awards First Accreditation for Particle Size Analysis

19 October, 2010

The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) has awarded the first calibration accreditation for particle size analysis. The PMT (GB) Limited laboratory, based in Malvern, was awarded accredited status following a rigorous assessment programme.

Particle counters are vital tools for measuring contaminant particles in controlled environments, such as cleanrooms. These instruments are used across many sectors and applications where accuracy is imperative, including pharmaceutical manufacturers, semiconductor companies, hospitals and cleanroom validation. Using optical techniques they can measure particles of various sizes, ranging from 0.3 μm to 25 μm for aerosol devices and from 2 μm to 30 μm for liquid devices.

John Hurll, UKAS assessment team leader, said: “As this was the first UKAS accreditation in this area of technology, we were presented with difficult issues relating to the traceability of measurement. However, PMT staff worked hard to obtain credible measurement traceability and, although this took some time, it was achieved and demonstrated convincingly.

“In environments where particle counters are used, accuracy and reliability of data is crucial. UKAS is delighted to award the first calibration accreditation, meaning that there is now a route to underpinning confidence in measurement.

“Granting this measurement capability also represents an important step forward in expanding the availability of accredited calibrations into areas where they have not previously been available.”

Ian Norman, PMT (GB) Limited’s Customer Service Manager said, “It has been a tough and long process to achieve this accreditation, but our whole team has worked very hard to satisfy the requirements of UKAS.”