» UKAS Customer Day Presentations 2016

08 March, 2017

UKAS held two Customer Days in December 2016 as part of the programme of celebratory events for our anniversary year.

These events were exclusively for UKAS customers* and provided a useful update on all UKAS activities. Interactive feedback tools were used throughout the day allowing customers the opportunity to provide input into future strategy to enable UKAS to continue to thrive in future.

The day provided general updates on changes to standards, the recent restructure and development activities and included sessions focused around Brexit and future strategy, operations and service delivery. The agenda for the day also included sessions with two guest speakers. The first guest speaker was a representative from Exova who spoke about how Exova has made the most of their accreditation and the key benefits specifically relating to their organisation. Customers also heard from Matt Baker of Howden UK Group who provided information about how accreditation can affect insurance premiums and the savings that could be made.

The presentations from the day are now available for download from the list below. Summaries of the interactive poll results collected at each event are also available for download.


*Customers in the developing areas of healthcare accreditation were not included on this occasion; separate events focussing on this sector are planned for 2017.