» UKAS grants first accreditation for certification for CESG Assured Service (telecoms)

15 July, 2011

KPMG Audit plc has become the first organisation to have the CESG certification scheme for telecommunications service providers accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).

CESG, the UK National Technical Authority for Information Assurance announced its scheme, now known as CESG Assured Service Telecoms Scheme, in 2010. The scheme is part of the development of Security Standards for the Public Sector Network (PSN), which requires that all telecoms services procured by public sector bodies must be accredited to protect information for Business Impact Level 2-2-4 (2 for integrity, 2 for confidentiality and 4 for availability). It is based on Information Security Management System (ISMS) certification to ISO/IEC 27001, and adds requirements specific to the telecommunications sector.

Since the announcement of the scheme, UKAS and CESG had been running a pilot assessment programme. At the conclusion of the programme, KPMG Audit was announced as the first certification body to be accredited for the scheme. The pilot programme confirmed that UKAS' accreditation standards and processes can be applied to the scheme, which has now been declared as operational. Creation of the scheme has been a collaborative effort between UKAS, industry and CESG.

David Hayward, UKAS Accreditation Manager, Development said. “Confidence in the security of information is a vital part of modern society, particularly relating to telecommunications arena. Gaining UKAS accreditation is a significant achievement, as it verifies that the organisation has demonstrated its competence and ability to perform against an internationally recognised standard.”

Other certification bodies that wish to offer certification in this area may now apply to UKAS to be assessed. The scheme requirements are available from CESG and further information about the requirements for the UKAS assessment can be obtained from David Hayward, Accreditation Manager, Development (david.hayward@ukas.com).