» UKAS Service Improvements

20 February, 2020

As part of our strategic priorities to improve service, we have been reviewing the Operations Team over recent months to identify ways of improving efficiency that will enable us to deliver improved service to our customers.
The review highlighted that there were improvements that could be made to the structure of the Operations Team to streamline activities and improve the efficiency of a number of processes. Therefore, we will be implementing the following changes, and the new structure from the 1st April 2020 will be as follows:  

  • Incorporating the Enterprise Section and its customers into the relevant technical disciplines in our Core Section.
  • Creating a new, dedicated Forensic Section
  • Combining the Chemistry and Environmental Sciences Section with the Agri-Food, Life Sciences and Asbestos (AFLA) section to improve sector focus. 
  • Medical Laboratories, Diagnostic Imaging (QSI) and Physiological Sciences (IQIPS) will merge to form a single Healthcare section.
  • All other Core and Corporate Sections will remain as they are.

The most significant change relates to our customers in the Enterprise section. If you are an Enterprise customer, your first point of contact is currently an office-based “Case Manager”. This will change under the new structure and your first point of contact will be a technically focussed Assessment Manager who is responsible for managing all aspects of your accreditation. Consequently, all Enterprise customers should expect to receive details of their new point of contact over the coming weeks.
In implementing the restructure, it is our primary objective to minimise any impact to all customers. As far as possible, it is our intention to maintain the relationships that have been established between customers and assessment teams but a small number of changes are inevitable in order to balance workloads and provide better technical synergies.
We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding during this transition and we are confident that making a change now will provide significantly improved consistency and stability in future.
We will provide further updates nearer the time but if you have any immediate questions or concerns, please contact info@ukas.com