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Minister confirms UKAS involvement in Green Homes Grant Scheme

To support the Green Homes Grant Scheme, the government has pledged £3 billion to enable the enhancement of the energy efficiency of the nation’s existing housing stock.

A key consideration is the quality of products and installations that will comprise what is promised to be the biggest upgrade to housing in a generation.

A number of checks and balances have been implemented into the scheme to protect quality and yesterday Lord Callanan confirmed that installers participating in the Green Homes Grant Scheme “must install measures against Publicly Available Specification (PAS) standards 2030:2017 or 2030:2019 by a certification body that has been accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).”

UKAS has already published information regarding a PAS 2030:2017 – PAS 2030:2019 Certification Temporary Flexibility Arrangement in order to ease delivery of the scheme.

UKAS is pleased to provide impartial oversight of Certification Bodies that will underpin quality in the Green Homes Grant Scheme.  You can find a list of UKAS accredited Certification Bodies here and if you are a Certification Body that would like to apply for accreditation to enable participation in the scheme, you can find further information here.