12.7 % growth – Accreditation helps inspection body to win new business

LLC “Business Trend” is a Russian market leading provider of inspection services and is a crucial part of all large-scale fuel and energy complex projects in Russia, including international projects such as Nord Stream, Nord Stream 2, Turkish Stream, South Stream and “Power of Siberia”. Since 1991, LLC “Business Trend” has been providing a wide scope of technical inspection services on fuel and energy, machinery building and construction complexes.

The geographical coverage of the operation includes the Russian Federation, the European Union, Latin America and Asian territories.

LLC “Business Trend” is an active participant in international technical committees, including TK 357 “Steel and Wrought iron pipes and tubes” which oversees standardization of pipe products and TK 124 “Means and methods of counterfeit and falsification countering” where companies perform works on the development of standard requirements to means and procedures of product authenticity control. LLC “Business Trend” is also a part of international technical committees, such as SAE G-21 “Counterfeit Materiel standards development technical committee” and SAE AMS-K “Non-destructive Methods and Processes standards development technical committee”.

LLC “Business Trend” became the first Russian inspection company to achieve accreditation to ISO/IEC 17020. This enabled the business to not only strengthen their position as a market leader in the Russian market, but, though ILAC recognition, to extend cooperation with overseas customers and enter into contracts for the provision of inspection services for such projects as Nord Stream, Nord Stream 2, Turkish Stream, South Stream. Participation in these projects gave LLC “Business Trend” a 12.7% increase in average annual work volume. 

With significant LLC “Business Trend” efforts to clarify the importance of involvement of specifically accredited inspection companies in the scope of product QA/QC for fuel and power complex projects, major oil and gas companies have started to specify requirements for ISO/IEC 17020 accreditation in their bidding documentation. Another significant result of LLC “Business Trend’s” work in regards of promotion of ISO/IEC 17020 accreditation in Russia was the addition of ISO/IEC 17020 accreditation requirement in the base documents of voluntary corporate certification for PJSC “Gazprom”, “Intergazcert”, and preliminary Russian Federation national standard “PNST 243-2017 “Anti counterfeit and falsification system. Rules of inspection in scope of authentic product inspection”.

Further information is available on the LLC “Business Trend” website.