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Meet the Expert – Elizabeth Kilbee-Johnson

Elizabeth Kilbee-Johnson, UKAS’ Customer Service Manager and recent recipient of the Chairman’s Award for Innovation at the UKAS Staff Awards, shares her experiences of her time at UKAS.

Working for UKAS was just meant to be a 1-year chapter before returning to University….. but after a few months, I really felt part of a team. My time at UKAS has been quite eclectic, a CLO in the Chemistry Team, part-time Credit Controller, and then an 8-year stint in the IT team before seizing an opportunity to return to Operations Support. After the announcement of my promotion I received numerous messages of praise and many more of support, this was a very proud day for me, I was returning to lead the team that I started in all the way back in 2008.

Hard work is not something I have ever shied away from. From the age of 8, selling buckets and spades for my Mum and Dad on Margate beach, to standing on tables night after night singing Happy Birthday at TGI Fridays and spending hours in an Excel workbook, row by row cleansing data in readiness for a data migration the next day. All this hard work over the years has paid off. I have learned the meaning of a work ethic and I believe that UKAS has recognized this trait in me, I have grabbed all the opportunities that have been offered me and have built my career.

Customer Services can be very rewarding. The Customer Service Team works very hard to be a supportive network for our Technical Staff, both employees and contractors, and our valued customers. I am proud of the effort they put in each day but as Customer Service Manager I am always considering ways we can improve our service. There are always opportunities to make an improvement or an efficiency, we just need to take the time to look for them.

After now completing my 1st anniversary in this role and I can say that it has been as interesting and varied as I thought it might be and I have enjoyed the challenges that have been thrown my way. Change is never easy, but from what I have seen from those that came before me is that if I continue learning, continue growing as a manager, and continue to take a positive attitude I should be able to do good by UKAS.

Onwards and upwards!