Clarification of UKAS Extension to Scope Application Process

The UKAS Extension to Scope process has been designed to allow accredited bodies to extend their scope of accreditation to include new activities. In order for UKAS to be able to progress such an application the applicant CAB is required to complete the relevant AC Form(s) and supporting documentation so that it is clear what is being requested and that UKAS has the information necessary to take this forward. Failure to provide the supporting documentation can significantly hinder the progression of an application, which in turn introduces delays into the extension to scope process and affect UKAS’ ability to meet its customers’ expectations.

To address this issue, and to streamline the extension to scope process, UKAS shall be requiring all applications for extensions to scope received from 18 November 2013 to be accompanied by the required supporting documentation (as specified in the AC Form). Any applications received after this date that are not accompanied by the required documentation shall be returned to the applicant, who shall be invited to resubmit their application once all the required information is available. By adhering to this policy UKAS expects to reduce currently experienced inefficiencies in attempting to progress some of the incomplete applications that it receives, and therefore be able to focus efforts on progressing applications through the assessment process with the minimum of delay.

In support of this process the AC Forms have been amended to specify what supporting information is required. As this information is so crucial it is important that applications for extensions to scope are only submitted on the new AC Forms (i.e. those available from the website at the time an application is made). To ensure that the process runs smoothly UKAS, effective from 18 November 2013, shall also return any applications which are submitted on a previous version of the AC Form.

Customers are strongly recommended to contact their Assessment Manager to discuss any planned extensions to scope prior to submitting their application. These discussions alongside submission of the appropriate supporting documentation often help to ensure the speed and efficiency of the extension to scope process.

If you have any queries regarding this clarification of the extension to scope process please contact Jeff Ruddle (Operations Director) [email protected] or Paul Greenwood (Divisional Director Laboratories) [email protected]