» Greenhouse Gas Validation and Verification

Changes with respect to the Member States in which verifiers carry out verification shall be notified to UKAS by the verifiers at the time they take on new customers.  Schedules of accreditation shall be updated to reflect these changes and ensure the information is current.


Administrative Measures

Article 53 of EC Regulation 600/2012 states that the national accreditation body may suspend, withdraw or reduce an accreditation of a verifier where the verifier does not meet the requirements of this Regulation: The Regulation refers to this as ‘administrative measures’.

Where UKAS determines that administrative measures are required, these shall be displayed below if the measure relates to the full scope, or shall be detailed at the bottom of the affected body's schedule if the measure only relates to a part of its scope. Such administrative measures shall only be published during the validity of the measure itself.

To search EU ETS Verifiers by activity codes see the EU ETS Phase III Browse Accredited Organisations page.

The Organisations under sanction page lists current suspensions and also withdrawals of accreditation within the past 3 months.


Contact Details

For further details on accreditation of GHG verification bodies please contact: