» How long will it take to become accredited?

How long will it take my company to become UKAS accredited?

We aim for a lead-in time of approximately three months to arrange the first visit to your organisation, with the exception of applications for accreditation for Medical Laboratories (for ISO 15189), which currently have a lead-in time of approximately six months following receipt of application.

Depending on the organisation being assessed we aim for the process to realistically take between 6-8 months from application to accreditation. For Medical Laboratories this may take a little longer given the current lead-in time for the first visit after application.

However, there are a number of aspects that impact on the timescale for the UKAS application/assessment process such as; the number of findings from the site visit, the complexity of the scope (e.g. the number and type of tests to be accredited), the time of year of the assessment but most importantly, the organisation’s site visit preparedness and the time the organisation dedicates following the site visit to address any findings.