» Step 3 – Your Assessment

Pre-Assessment (Optional)

A pre-assessment is an informal assessment to determine how ready you are for accreditation.  A pre-assessment is optional but it can be a valuable step in the process to prevent delays in gaining accreditation. 

You can choose to have either one or two pre-assessments.

Conducted by your Assessment Manager, the pre-assessment does not contribute to the accreditation decision. The Assessment Manager will review and provide feedback on a sub-set of documentary information which you may wish to submit as evidence during the formal assessment stage.

Once you have addressed any issues raised during the pre-assessment and you have agreed that your organisation is ready for formal assessment, your Assessment Manager will appoint the assessment team.

The Value of a Pre-Assessment visit.

Initial Assessment

The initial assessment is the first formal assessment and is in two parts:

  1. A review of documentary evidence, followed by a web-based assessment.
  2. The formal assessment is conducted by the appointed assessment team (Peer and Lay Assessors) and is co-ordinated by your Assessment Manager.

The practicalities of the review of documentary evidence

Organisations/services can choose to submit their suite of documentary evidence for review using an online web-based assessment tool supplied by UKAS.  Alternative options for enabling access to your organisation/service’s documentary evidence should be discussed with your Assessment Manager at the application stage.

The documentary information provided by your organisation/service will be reviewed as evidence by the assessment team.  If the team is satisfied with the documentary evidence provided they will initiate the on-site assessment visit.

In advance of the on-site assessment you will be provided with a visit plan which provides a proposed timetable for the work to be assessed.

The practicalities of the on-site assessment visit

The on-site assessment visit is normally conducted over two consecutive days.

Visit structure:

  • It commences with an opening meeting to introduce the assessment team and to agree the arrangements with your organisation/service management team.
  • A detailed review of organisation/service records is conducted.
  • The team will observe staff at work, the facilities and the working environment.
  • Staff, managers and referrers will be interviewed. Patients, relatives and carers will also be interviewed.
  • A private meeting is held whereby the assessors will discuss their ‘Findings’ and agree their recommendation.
  • A final closing meeting with your organisation/service management will be held where the assessment team will provide a de-brief of the visit, detail any ‘Findings’ or ‘improvement actions’ identified against the accreditation requirements and agree timescales for required actions to be addressed.
  • The assessment team will advise your organisation/service of the recommendation it will be forwarding to UKAS.
  • Within a few days of the on-site assessment visit, your organisation/service will receive a detailed written report of the assessment.
  • Should you have any ‘Findings’ that require improvement actions, you would be allowed up to 12 weeks to provide suitable evidence to the Assessment Manager that they have been addressed.