» Step 4 – Grant and post-assessment

Post Assessment activities

The assessment team’s recommendation and details of the ‘conduct of the assessment’ are sent to the UKAS independent decision maker.  

If satisfied with the ‘conduct of the assessment’ the decision maker will ratify the recommendation and will then write to your organisation/service with an offer to grant accreditation for a defined scope of activities.

Final decision and grant of Accreditation

When you have submitted satisfactory evidence to show that all findings requiring improvement actions have been satisfactorily addressed and the offer has been accepted, UKAS will grant accreditation to your organisation/service.  

You will then receive a Certificate of Grant of Accreditation and access to the relevant accreditation symbols. In addition a ‘Schedule’ defining your scope of accredited activities will be published on the UKAS website.

Maintaining your accreditation

Your accreditation will be confirmed on an annual basis by surveillance assessments with a full re-assessment every fourth year.  The first surveillance assessment takes place 6 months following Grant of Accreditation.

Your Assessment Manager will work with you and the assessment team to coordinate your on-going surveillance assessments.

Extending or reducing your scope of your accreditation

Once accredited, you can apply to extend or reduce the scope of your accreditation at any time by completing the appropriate application form, and sending it to: ImagingCustomerService@ukas.com along with any relevant supporting documentation.

You are encouraged to discuss any proposed extension or reduction to scope with your Assessment Manager prior to submitting your application.

Making the most of your accreditation

To support your awareness raising activities, you are encouraged to adopt and use the accreditation symbols on your promotional materials and company stationery. You can find out how to use the accreditation symbols here.

Many commissioners are requiring evidence of active participation in accreditation during the contracting/tendering processes.  UKAS provides an annual ‘Confirmation of Participation in Accreditation’ letter to registered, applicant and accredited organisations/services. Should you require a further confirmation letter then please email the team at:  ImagingCustomerService@ukas.com or contact your Assessment Manager. 

UKAS has developed a suite of promotional items such as videos and brochures; you may wish to use these to promote your accreditation.

As an accredited organisation, you are encouraged to use the following social media platforms to access the latest accreditation news on Twitter and Linked In. You can also subscribe to UKAS’ Update newsletter.

Further resources to promote your accreditation can be found here

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