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Construction and Construction Products

UKAS accredits a large number of laboratories that carry out testing and calibration services for the building and construction sector. UKAS accreditation uses criteria and procedures specifically to determine technical competence. Laboratory accreditation is carried out against the internationally recognised standard ISO/IEC 17025 to assess factors relevant to a laboratory’s ability to produce precise, accurate tests and data including the technical competence of staff, the validity and appropriateness of test methods, the suitability and maintenance of test equipment, the testing environment, sampling, handling and transportation of test items, and the quality assurance of test data.

Testing laboratories operate in the fields of construction products and materials, geotextiles, NDT, engineering materials, machinery and structures, acoustics, and air leakage testing.

Calibration laboratories specialise in acoustics, dimensional, mass, density, volume, force, torque hardness, electrical, pressure, fluids, temperature and humidity testing.

UKAS accreditation includes the examination or analysis of: 

  • Construction materials (such as concrete, aggregates, cement, soils, bituminous materials, roofing materials, rock and natural stone, masonry, steel)
  • Manufactured construction products (such as Road Signs & Lighting Columns, Floors, Non Electrical Cutlery and Domestic Kitchen Tools, Windows, Glazing and Doors, Pipes, Ducts and Fittings, Plumbing Components, Valves, Fittings and Water Meters, Vehicle Light Fittings, Bulbs and reflectors, paints and coatings, Road Signs & Lighting Columns, ceramics, tools, and artificial sports and playground surfaces.)


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