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We are committed to providing a world class, value adding accreditation service and aim to maintain the highest standards in all our dealings with our customers, third parties and stakeholders. However, we recognise that on occasion it may be necessary for our customers, or those using accredited services to raise a complaint with us.

If you are a third party who has concerns about the activities of a UKAS accredited body, or you are a direct customer of UKAS who is unhappy with our service, then we want to hear about it.

Please refer to our complaint leaflet for details of the complaints process, and how to contact UKAS.

UKAS can help if:

  • You are a UKAS accredited customer wanting to make a complaint or raise a concern
  • You have raised a complaint with a UKAS accredited body but believe they have not addressed your concerns in line with accreditation requirements
  • You have justifiable concerns about the competence and/or performance capabilities of a UKAS accredited body
  • You have noted a misuse of the national accreditation symbol

UKAS cannot help if:

  • The body/organisation you wish to complain about is not UKAS accredited or certificated by a UKAS accredited certification body
  • Your complaint is anonymous, verbal or not supported by clear evidence which would warrant/justify an investigation by UKAS
  • Your issue surrounds a specific financial or contractual disagreement with a UKAS accredited body or an organisation which has been certificated by a UKAS accredited certification body


Contact details to make a complaint:

Postal Address:

Process Improvement & Customer Feedback Manager


2 Pine Trees

Chertsey Lane


Middlesex, TW18 3HR

Tel: +44 (0)1784 429000

Email: customerfeedback@ukas.com