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Pre-application Support

If you are considering applying for accreditation of your Imaging Service, there is a wide range of pre-application support and resources that are available to you. This will ensure that your service is confident and prepared to continue the journey towards accreditation when you formally apply.

Find out more from the Colleges

The Royal College of Radiologists and The College of Radiographers can provide information and potentially visit your service to discuss the scheme, how it could work for you and the benefits it will bring. If you have any questions, or would like to arrange a visit, please contact the College Officer

Preparation for Accreditation Workshops

UKAS hold regular one-day workshops designed to help organisations to prepare for assessment. The workshops include practical exercises and cover a variety of topics such as the process of assessment, the fee structure, useful hints and tips, and most importantly, it provides an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have.

View a list of dates, venues and registration details.

The Traffic Light Ready (TLR) Diagnostic Online Tool

TLR is an advanced and interactive online tool which is designed to help you complete a structured, comprehensive gap analysis against the imaging standard. You will have access to all the standard supporting information such as the commentaries and, you can record notes as you work through the questionnaire. This will enable you to highlight areas of conformity and best practice whilst building detailed action plans for areas that require further development.

In addition, you have the opportunity to upload any relevant policies and procedures prior to making a formal application for accreditation, thus saving time during initial assessment.

TLR will calculate your ‘readiness score’ throughout, and displays the result as a traffic light colour that represents how ready you are to formally apply.

The Refundable Package

The Refundable Package consists of a number of tools designed to support your service through the accreditation process including:

  • Direct access to a UKAS Assessment Manager to respond to queries
  • Free places for two service representatives on a UKAS Preparation for Accreditation Workshop (held monthly at our offices in Staines, Surrey)
  • Membership to the closed LinkedIn group
  • Annual fee estimate
  • Access to the bespoke online gap analysis tool called Traffic Light Ready (TLR)

If you make a formal application for accreditation within 12 months, the fee (£500 plus VAT) will be deducted from your assessment fees.

Registrants for this package will also receive an annual letter confirming their registrant status, which can be shown to commissioners and regulators as proof of their commitment to the process.

To register for the Refundable Package, please complete the registration form and return by email or post to: UKAS | 2 Pinetrees | Chertsey Lane | Staines-upon-Thames | TW18 3HR or by email at imagingcustomerservice@ukas.com

Guidance in preparing a Business Case

Guidance, developed by the Colleges, is available to support you develop a business case to present to your senior team.