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Dimensional Metrology - New NPL Measurement Good Practice Guides

Six new NPL Measurement Good Practice Guides for users of dimensional metrology equipment, have been produced as the final part of a collaborative Government funded project involving NPL, UKAS and Mitutoyo (UK) Ltd. The six new publications are listed below:

  • CMM Probing (Guide No. 43 - 58 pages)
  • CMM Verification (Guide No. 42 - 55 pages)
  • CMM Measurement Strategies (Guide No. 41 - 81 pages)
  • Callipers and Micrometers (Guide No. 40 -71 pages)
  • Dimensional Measurements using Vision Systems (Guide No. 39 - 66 pages)
  • The Measurement of Surface Texture using Stylus Instruments (Guide No. 37 -84 pages)

These publications are available from NPL, Queens Road, Teddington, Middlesex, United Kingdom, TW11 OLW

or via the online e-store: www.npl.co.uk/publications