» Publications relating to accreditation of Inspection Bodies

To gain accreditation, an inspection body must be fully conversant and comply with the relevant standard, which is:

ISO/IEC 17020:2012 Conformity assessment - Requirements for the operation of various types of bodies performing inspection

A copy of this standard can be obtained from BSI


Joint ISO-ILAC-IAF Communiqué

Joint IAF-ILAC-ISO Communiqué on the Management Systems Requirements of ISO/IEC 17020:2012, Conformity Assessment - Requirements for the Operation of Bodies Performing Inspection

UKAS Publications

General Principles for the Assessment of Inspection Bodies by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (Edition 3, August 2009)

TPS 41

UKAS Policy on Metrological Traceability (Edition 4, June 2014)

TPS 47

UKAS Policy on Participation in Proficiency Testing Schemes (Edition 3, November 2016)

TPS 53

Management system requirements of laboratories (ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 15189) and inspection bodies (ISO/IEC 17020) - Statements for use on test, examination, calibration and inspection reports/certificates (Edition 2, June 2017)

Inspection Recommendation and Guidance Publications
RG 0

Guidelines on the competence of personnel undertaking engineering inspections (Edition 2, July 2007)

RG 1

Accreditation for In-Service Inspection of Power Presses and Other Specified Machines and their Safeguarding Systems (Edition 3, October 2009)

RG 2 Accreditation for In-Service Inspection of Pressure Systems/Equipment (Edition 4, January 2010)
RG 3 Accreditation for In-Service Inspection of Transportable Pressure Receptacles (Edition 3, July 2010)
RG 4 Accreditation for the Inspection of Local Exhaust Ventilating (LEV) Plant (Edition 3, June 2009)
RG 6 Accreditation for In-Service Inspection of Lifting Equipment (Edition 3, July 2010)
RG 8 Accreditation of Bodies Surveying for Asbestos in Premises (Edition 4, February 2015)
RG 9

Accreditation of Bodies Undertaking Legionella Risk Assessment Activities (Edition 3, September 2017)

RG 101

Accreditation for the Inspection of Electrical Equipment and Installations in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres (July 2001)

RG 102 Accreditation for the Inspection of Non-Public High Voltage Electrical Systems (July 2001)
RG 103 Accreditation for the Inspection of Electrical Equipment in Quarries (January 2002)
RG 105

Accreditation for the Inspection of Low Voltage Electrical Installations and Associated Electrical Equipment (January 2002)

RG 201 Accreditation of Bodies Carrying out Scene of Crime Examination (Edition 2, August 2015)
Relevant European and International Publications
EA-4/15 G:2015 Accreditation For Non-Destructive Testing
ILAC-P10:01/2013 ILAC Policy on Traceability of Measurement Results
ILAC-P15:07/2016 Application of ISO/IEC 17020:2012 for the Accreditation of Inspection Bodies
ILAC-G19:08/2014 Modules in a Forensic Science Process
ILAC-G27:06/2017 Guidance on measurements performed as part of an inspection process

For all available EA / ILAC publications please see the publications pages of their websites.


Guidance in interpreting the standard has been published under international agreements and adopted by UKAS.

UKAS has also published or adopted other publications concerned with specialised aspects of inspection. Even if a publication is applicable to only part of an inspection body’s activities, compliance with the requirements in the publication is still mandatory.

Inspection bodies (including applicant IBs) and assessors/auditors must read the UKAS Publications List (M4) , which can be accessed via the Publications home page, to check for publications with which they have to comply.


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