» Publications relating to Laboratory Accreditation

To gain accreditation, a laboratory must be fully conversant and comply with either of the relevant standards, which are:

ISO/IEC 17025:2005   General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories (A revised version of the standard was published on November 30th 2017 by ISO. Further information will be available soon).


ISO 15189:2012  Medical laboratories - Requirements for quality and competence

Publications that provide guidance on meeting these requirements in specific areas are listed in UKAS Publications List (M4) which can be accessed via the Publications home page. It is the responsibility of laboratories to obtain and maintain current their own copies of the relevant standards.

UKAS laboratory publications (the LAB series) give guidance in the form of extra information, detail and specific limitations with respect to the application of the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 15189. By following this guidance, laboratories will be able to demonstrate at assessment that they meet the relevant requirements. However, a laboratory may use alternative defined methods, provided that they are shown to give an equivalent outcome.

Note: Not all publications will be relevant to a laboratory's ISO 15189 application, and some relevant publications may not necessarily reference ISO 15189 within the text. However, where applicable to the scope of a laboratory's activity, they remain critical guidance in the application of the requirements of ISO 15189.

Joint ISO ILAC IAF Communiqué - ISO/IEC 17025                         

Joint ISO-ILAC-IAF Communique on the Management System
Requirements of ISO/IEC 17025, General Requirements
for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories

Joint ISO-ILAC-IAF Communique

Joint ISO-ILAC-IAF Communique on the Management System
Requirements of ISO/IEC 15189:2012 - Medical Laboratories -
Particular requirements for quality and competence


Relevant Mandatory EA / ILAC Publications:

 EA-4/02 M: 2013  Evaluation of the Uncertainty of Measurement in Calibration  
 EA-4/17 M: 2008 EA position paper on the description of scopes of accreditation of medical laboratories
ILAC-P10:01/2013 ILAC Policy on the Traceability of Measurement Results
 ILAC-P14:01/2013 ILAC Policy for Uncertainty in Calibration

For all relevant publications, including guidance documents, please see the publications pages of the EA and ILAC websites.


UKAS Publications:

LAB 1 Reference to Accreditation for Laboratories (Edition 5, August 2009)
LAB 3 The Conduct of UKAS Laboratory Assessments (Edition 4, August 2009)
LAB 5 Reporting of Calibration Results (Edition 2, November 2012)
LAB 11 Traceability of Temperature Measurement: Platinum Resistance Thermometers, Liquid-in-glass Thermometers and Radiation Thermometers (Edition 4, November 2012)
LAB 12 The Expression of Uncertainty in Testing (Edition 2, August 2016)
LAB 13 UKAS Guidance on the Application of ISO/IEC 17025 Dealing with Expressions of Opinions and Interpretations (Edition 2, October 2001)
LAB 14 Calibration of Weighing Machines (Edition 5, July, 2015)
LAB 15 Traceability: Volumetric Apparatus (Edition 2, June 2009)
LAB 22 Traceability: Test Sieves (Edition 3, May 2017)
LAB 23 Traceability for Equipment used in Acoustical Testing (Edition 2, Jan 2007)
LAB 24 Measurement of Traceability and Calibration in the Mechanical Testing of Metallic Materials (Nov 2000)
LAB 25 Traceability of Hardness Measurements (Edition 2, November 2012)
LAB 26 Calibration of Radionuclide Sources: Activity, Particle or Photon Emission Rate, Air Kerma Rate (Edition 2, October 2004)
LAB 30

Application of ISO/IEC 17025 for Asbestos Sampling and Testing (Edition 3, January 2015)

LAB 31 Use of Culture Media Procured Ready-to-use or Partially Completed in Microbiological Testing (Edition 2, June 2009)
LAB 32 Accreditation for Suppliers to the UK National DNA Database (Edition 4, March 2016)
LAB 36 Laboratory Accommodation and Environment in the Measurement of Length, Angle and Form (Edition 3, Dec 2008)
LAB 37 Accreditation Requirements for Sampling and Testing in Accordance with the Drinking Water Testing Specification (DWTS) (Edition 3, June 2013)
LAB 39 UKAS Guidance on the Implementation and Management of Flexible Scopes of Accreditation within Laboratories (Aug 2004)
LAB 45 Schedules of Accreditation for Calibration Laboratories (Edition 1, November 2012)
LAB 46 UKAS Policy for Participation in Measurement Audits and ILCs (Edition 2, July 2014)
M3003 The Expression of Uncertainty and Confidence in Measurement (Edition 3, November 2012)