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Please note that the appointment of Notified and Appointed Bodies for EU Directives and Regulations is the responsibility of the UK Competent Authorities. UKAS accredits Conformity Assessment Bodies as part of this process as described in publication P16.

For a list of current European Notified and Appointed Bodies, please search the New Approach Notified and Designated Organisations (NANDO) website.

UKAS Publications
P 16

Accreditation for the Purposes of Appointment as Approved and Notified Bodies (Edition 13, January 2017)

Relevant European and International Publications
EA-2/17 M: 2016* EA Document on Accreditation for Notification Purposes

*EA-2/17 M has mandatory status and contains the policy agreed by EA for accreditation of Conformity Assessment Bodies by National Accreditation Bodies as a basis for notification by Notifying Authorities to become Notified Bodies to work within the scope of Union Harmonization Legislation.

It is intended to apply to all National Accreditation Bodies that assess and accredit Conformity Assessment Bodies for notification purposes, unless the Notifying Authority has officially established and published different requirements.

It identifies the requirements that shall be used by National Accreditation Bodies when accrediting Conformity Assessment Bodies seeking notification.


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