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Information to be read prior to completing the form

Please note the following prior to completion of the online application form:

  • Please ensure that you have read all the appropriate standards and publications relevant to your application. In the case of an assessment for appointment under UK regulations, you must ensure you have read, understood and acted upon any relevant guidelines and UK regulations (this material will be available from the relevant competent authority). All UKAS Publications are available to download from our website.
  • See the UKAS Privacy Policy for details of what data we collect, how we collect and use it, who we share it with, how long we keep it, how we safeguard it and your rights in relation to personal data held about you.
  • UKAS will require access to your documented management system (e.g. Quality Manual) during the application and assessment process. Any amendments made to the system during this time should be forwarded to UKAS. All information given to UKAS for the purposes of this application will be treated in the strictest confidence. It would be much appreciated if manuals, SOPs etc. were supplied in searchable electronic format. Please check your spam/junk folders in case the partial save/confirmation email has been sent to one of these folders.
  • Incomplete applications may result in a delay in processing, please therefore ensure you have included all of the information required before submission to UKAS, and that you have read, understood and acted upon the appropriate standards, publications and regulations.
  • * Means that this is mandatory information.
  • On saving/submitting of this form an email will be sent to you advising you of your application reference and providing you with a unique link to your application. Please check your spam/junk folders in case the partial save/confirmation email has been sent to one of these folders..
  • If for any reason you have a problem using the online application form(s), please complete your application using the relevant Word document(s). You will need the “UKAS Application Form” and the relevant AC* form specific to the type of Accreditation in your Application.
  • Please save your form often. If the form times out without being saved your work might be lost.