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Extension to Scope

A scope (or schedule) is the official and detailed statement of activities for which the accredited body is granted accreditation. UKAS offers an extension to scope service for customers who wish to add to or change their range of accredited activities.  This process may cover a number of changes to an existing scope, including:

  • Addition of new conformity assessment activities (tests, inspections, calibrations, areas of certification, etc)
  • Addition of new locations (UK or overseas)
  • Expansion into a new area of accreditation

UKAS customers wishing to extend their scope of accreditation need to apply to UKAS to have the scope extension assessed. To apply please complete the relevant AC form below and submit, with the accompanying documentation  defined in the AC form to: (Please note UKAS does not accept Extension to Scope Applications that are submitted without accompanying documentation)


The Applications Unit
United Kingdom Accreditation Service
21-47 High Street
TW13 4UN

On receipt of an application for an extension to scope UKAS will review the first review application to determine whether the activity can be accredited and if so the assessment approach and amount of effort requried to assess it.. An assessment of the extension to scope will be conducted within an agreed timeframe. Following successful assessment and closure of any non-conformities raised during the assessment the extension to scope will be granted and added to the published schedule of Accreditation. Extending an accredited scope may give rise to an increase in the ongoing costs of maintaining accreditation from UKAS.

UKAS strongly recommends that customers contact their Assessment Manager prior to applying for an extension to scope to discuss the potential timeframes and costs associated with the extension to scope. It is also recommended that, where possible, customers apply for an extension to scope at least 6 months in advance of the date when accreditation will be required and/or 3 months in advance of when they consider they will be ready for an assessment to take place.

If an extension to scope is in an area where UKAS has not previously offered accreditation it is likely that the extension to scope will be handled using our development process. Where this is the case, timeframes are likely to be extended beyond that of a normal extension to scope.

         AC1 Certification Body  (Downloadable version for handwritten completion)

         AC2 Inspection Body  (Downloadable version for handwritten completion) (Electronic Version 2**)

         AC3 Calibration Laboratory (Downloadable version for handwritten completion)(Electronic Version 2**)

         AC4 Testing Laboratory  (Downloadable version for handwritten completion)(Electronic Version 2**)

         AC5 Proficiency Testing  (Downloadable version for handwritten completion (Electronic Version 2**)

         AC6 Medical Laboratory (Downloadable version for handwritten completion) (Electronic Version 2**)

         AC7 Reference Material Producers  (Downloadable version for handwritten completion)              (Electronic Version 2**)

Please download and save the forms locally prior to editing

**  Please note Electronic Version 2 documents may not be suitable for users of earlier versions of Word (pre-2010). Any problems experienced when completing the forms should be reported to and we will be happy to assist.

For customers wishing to change the company name stated on their schedule or certificate or wishing to transfer accreditation to a different legal entity then the Transfer of Accreditation form needs to be completed and submitted.

If you wish to apply for a flexible scope of accreditation (EA 2/15) please contact your Assessment Manager to discuss the requirements for flexible scopes before making an application.

For organisations seeking accreditation for the first time  the extension to scope process is not applicable and these organisations should complete the required form in the Applying for Accreditation area of our website.